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 Elite Electrical Contracting Is A Full Service Company Providing Design And Build Services Throughout Michigan For All Of Your Electrical, Fire Alarm, Data Network And Telecommunication Projects.
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Residential Electrical Contractors

Fire damage or water damage to your electrical system?

We work with multiple home restoration companies to return your home to normal. Or if the homeowner wants to deal with the insurance company we can directly work for the homeowner to repair their electrical system.

Electrical Service Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage to your electrical service does not have to be a headache for you. Electrical service repair or electrical service upgrades are a very minor problem if you hire the right electrical contractors. We will coordinate with the local municipal inspectors and power company to get your electrical service reconnected as a priority.

Commercial Electrical Contractors

As your local electricians.

We can cover all your electrical needs. From building new multistory mixed use apartment complexes. Building commercial mixed use developments. Building out complete storefronts or just building out electrical white boxes. Need to upgrade your apartment buildings electrical service and the individual units electrical panels? In the past we have found techniques to save you considerable money doing just that. We will work with you every step of the way as your licensed and insured electricians.

Residential Electricians
Residential Electrical Contractors

Residential Electrical

Commercial Electricians
commercial electrical contractor

Commercial Electrical

Industrial Electricians
industrial electrical contractor

Industrial Electrical

Fire Alarm & Data Network Electricians
Fire Alarm Data Network Electrical Contractors

Fire Alarms ~ Data Networks